ThinkWell Center Advocates

ThinkWell Center Advocates (TWCA), serves parents whose children are struggling in school and who lack time and resources to address their children's needs. TWCA does not diagnose or treat children. However, we help parents interpret situations and diagnoses, and assists them in getting support and finding useful information.


Margaret Ware (Marki), a Master of Neuroscience, is dedicated to matching children with appropriate cognitive development interventions.

Louise Loomis (Lou), a Doctor of Education, is dedicated to offering learners many different ways of learning.

In addition, ThinkWell Center's resources provide families and their children with a rich combination of useful information and interesting activities, while assisting parents in meeting their children's needs.


* Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills

* Math Accommodations and Strategies

* Parent-Teacher Communications at IEP Meetings

* ADHD and Emotions

* Helping With Homework Struggles

* Dyscalculia Understood

* How to Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

* Assistive Technology for Reading

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